SEO / Search Engine Optimization Service for Websites in Puerto Rico

We are website buiders in Puerto Rico that design and build websites with one very important feature in mind – that is, incorporating SEO (search engine optimization) in the creative process; from the initial writing of content, to the submittal process of the finished website to the top global search engines of the internet. 

Up-front Search Engine Page Ranking is critical to the success of any commercial website!

To be competitive online, your web site needs to be search engine friendly. Search engine optimization is the primary function of Internet marketing and is the most cost-effective means of marketing to your target audience. With an estimated 84 percent of web users turning to the search engines to find services and products online, it is important that your site rank within the top 30 results if you want to be found.

Fenn Design is the industry leader for optimizing search engine friendly websites in Puerto Rico. Virtually ALL of our websites enjoy excellent (pages 1 and 2) page ranking in Google, Yahoo & Bing.